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I was born and raised in Southern California but have called Colorado home for over a decade now. The beautiful mountains and open space continue to inspire me on a daily basis. 


I wrote Inherit the Bones over the course of two years. I've always had a fascination with all things mystery, horror, and the macabre. Bones was inspired by a vision I had of a clown, found dead, in full costume. I wondered who was the man behind the make-up?


And just like that, a story was born. 

Inherit the Bones received critical acclaim and was a 2017 Colorado Book Award finalist.


I hope you enjoy spending time in Cedar Valley with Detective Gemma Monroe, her partner Finn Nowlin and the rest of the people that bring the town to life. 

I'd love to hear from you, so drop me a message on the Follow Me page or send me an e-mail at


Happy readings!



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