Inherit The Bones

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Secrets and lies can’t stay buried forever in Cedar Valley.


In the summer, hikers and campers pack the small Colorado town’s meadows and fields. And in the winter, skiers and snowboarders take over the mountains. Season by season, year after year, time passes and the lies, like the aspens and evergreens that surround the town, take root and spread deep.


Now, someone has uncovered the lies, and it is his murder that continues a chain of events that began almost forty years ago. Detective Gemma Monroe’s investigation takes her from the seedy grounds of a traveling circus to the powerful homes of those who would control Cedar Valley’s future.


Six-months pregnant, with a partner she can’t trust and colleagues who know more than they’re saying, Gemma tracks a killer who will stop at nothing to keep those secrets buried.

A Season To Lie 
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A twisted killer stalks his prey in the dead of winter . . . 

On a cold dark night in February, as a blizzard shrieks through Cedar Valley, police officer and new mother Gemma Monroe responds to an anonymous report of a prowler at the local private high school, The Valley Academy. In her idyllic Colorado small town, Gemma expects the call is just a prank by a bored teenager. 

But there in the snow lies the savaged body of a man whose presence in town was meant to be a secret. And a disturbing message left by his killer promises more death to come. 

This is only the beginning . . . 


Nothing is as it seems in Cedar Valley and stories, both fact and fiction, ensnare Gemma as her investigation moves from the halls of an elite academy to the forests that surround Cedar Valley. 


Against a backdrop of bleak winter weather, stymied by those who would lie to protect what is dearest to them, Gemma hunts a ruthless killer before he strikes again. 




Lost Lake 
Available November 2018 

An enthralling, atmospheric new novel from the author of acclaimed debut Inherit the Bones, featuring Colorado police officer Gemma Monroe.


On a bright Saturday in early spring, Detective Gemma Monroe responds to a missing person call at Lost Lake, near the small town of Cedar Valley, Colorado. With its sapphire waters and abundance of wildflowers, the lake is a popular camping destination in the summer. But for now, ice still grips the lake and snow buries the flowers. 

When Gemma arrives at the shore, she meets three friends who have been camping there: the fourth of their group, Sari Chesney, has disappeared in the night without a trace. Sari is an assistant curator at the local museum, which is set to host a gala that night―a project she’s worked on for months and would never intentionally miss.


As Gemma begins to understand the complex dynamics of the supposedly close-knit friendship group, she realizes that more than one person is lying to her―and that the beautiful, still waters of Lost Lake may hide more terrible secrets ...

Shatter the Night

Coming 2019 

In two weeks, on the day after Halloween, the renovated Shotgun Playhouse is expected to open to a sold-out crowd for a performance of Shakespeare's cursed play, Macbeth.

Then a wave of violent crime hits Cedar Valley. Detective Gemma Monroe discovers a connection to the notorious Ghost Maker, a devious and troubled killer whose crime spree culminated in a bloody massacre . . . the day after Halloween. 

The only problem? The Ghost Maker's been dead for thirty years. 


With Halloween approaching and the crimes worsening, Gemma races against the clock to piece together the clues.


And as she tracks a ghost from the past, she learns there is some evil in this world that never dies.